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Welcome to the website for ISM Greater Grand Rapids.  As an affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management, we have been providing educational opportunities for our membership since 1919.  They include eight Professional Dinner Meetings (PDM), tours, seminars, and webinars.  So take a look around.  If you are not a member and would like to try us out, please contact us:  [email protected]

We provide over 35 hours of educational opportunities in addition to networking with your peers in the Supply Chain profession.  Again, reach out to us as we would like to assist you in growing in the profession.

Andrew Roman
President ISM Greater Grand Rapids

10-19-20      ISM - New Jersey invites you to a professional development meeting on Cost Containment On November 5 at 2:00 pm. 

10-13-20     Matt Collin's slides on International Shipping Terms is available in the Members Only section

10-13-20      The Octoberr Report on Business covering September 2020 is available in the Members Only section 

09-10-20     The September Report on Business covering August 2020 is available in the Members Only section 

08-09-20     The August Report on Business covering July 2020 is available in the Members Only section 

07-06-20    The July Report on Business covering June 2020 is available in the Members Only section. 

06-20-20    The June Report on Business covering May 2020 is available in the Members Only section.  Plus Recession Recovery: An Economic Primer

05-18-20    The slide presentation from the May meeting, Agile Risk Management, with William Crane are available in the Members Only section. 

03-20-20    Brian Long wrote an article on The 2020 West Michigan Recession that is available in the Members Only section on the Report on Business page

03-12-20    The March Report on Business covering February 2020 is available in the Members Only section. 

03-11-20   The slide presentation from the March meeting, Supply Management Terms, by Varnum attorney, John Titley, are available in the Members Only section (PDM Handounts)

02-13-20   The February Report on Business covering January 2020 is available in the Members Only section

12-30-19   Commemorating 100 Years of ISM - Greater Grand Rapids

Hello ISM Members,

The end of a year is always time for reflection, the end of a decade even more so, but the end of a century is really a time to sit and reflect. This is one of the things that the ISM is doing after being a professional organization for 100 years. If you search the internet for “Grand Rapids 100 years ago” you will find pictures of big exhaust stacks pouring out smoke, cobblestone roads, and a slew of black and white photos. Not many things endure for 100 years, and when you look through those photos, it becomes evident why, things are constantly changing. The fact that our organization has been around to see all of the changes, and has stood the test of time is a testament to the fact that we have a great group of leaders, and a fantastic group of members who are dedicated to learning, mentoring, and serving the community.

I am humbled to be the president of such a great organization, and follow in the footsteps of so many terrific leaders as we make our way in to the next century of being an organization and into the year 2020. To commemorate our group and the contributions to our community, we put up a bench along the Grand River just north of downtown. Below are a couple photos of the bench, and one of our board members – Ian who was instrumental in getting this bench commissioned and placed. We hope that it serves as a reminder that we are a group of volunteers that serve in the community and acts as a place for people to come, gather, relax, and share ideas in our great city of Grand Rapids.

Best wishes in 2020,

Andrew Roman – ISM Greater Grand Rapids Chapter President


 Centennial Bench 1