Membership Dues Renewal Deadline is May 31.

Starting this year, members renewing dues will make payments directly to ISM national and not to ISM-Greater Grand Rapids.

Members renewing dues can log in to the ISM website and pay online by clicking on “View Open Orders” under the “My Account” tab toward the top of the page.  You can also mail, fax or email your invoice with payment information filled in, or call us at 1-800-888-6276, option 8, and pay your membership renewal over the phone. 

17 Reasons to Join ISM-GGR
Any person interested in the supply management field is eligible to be a member of ISM-GGR provided that he or she is not primarily engaged in sales activity and does not solicit business on behalf of himself or his employer during meetings of any ISM-GGR activity.

There are five categories of membership in ISM-GGR:

Regular membership applications can be completed online through the ISM website and paid with credit card or a written application for a RegularAssociate, Academic, or Student membership can be printed, completed, and mailed to ISM-GGR and paid by check (made out to ISM-GGR) or credit card.  Written applications should be mailed to ISM-Greater Grand Rapids, P.O. Box 230621, Grand Rapids  49523-0621. 

Membership dues can be pro-rated.  Contact Gabriel Stille, Membership Chair:  [email protected] or   (616) 393-4024 if you would like any additional information on membership.

For members serving on full-time military active duty, affiliate dues are waived for as long as the member is on active duty.  Members who become unemployed may have their dues waived up to 12 additional months.  Dinner meetings are charged at the reduced cost of $12.00 each meeting as attended.