Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways within ISM-GGR members can volunteer their time.  Not only is this rewarding, but it is also a great networking opportunity and you can even earn ISM points (1 point or 7 hours per Committee, not to exceed 14 hours per year).

The committees meet once a month for at least an hour.  The meetings are either in person or via conference call. Monthly commitment can be anywhere from one to three hours.  If you have any questions on volunteering, please contact Tom Cole, C.P.M. at [email protected] or (616) 901-3788.

Are you a seasoned supply management professional?  Would you like to give back to the profession of supply management and the community?   Can you share your wisdom and experience with others?

ISM-GGR is in the process of developing a student mentoring program for college and high school students who have an interest in the supply management profession.  Part of this development process is to determine which individuals in our membership would have an interest in being mentors.  The time commitments of a mentor would be as follows:

1. Be available for up to two days a year for job shadowing by a student.

2. Be available for consultation by the student for up to 30 minutes of phone/web interaction at a time.  The frequency of interactions is flexible and will be determined between each mentor and student.  If interested, please contact Tom Cole, C.P.M. at [email protected] or (616) 901-3788.

Education Committee:  Tom Cole, C.P.M. - [email protected] or (616) 901-3788.
Engage speakers, plan programs for professional development meetings to meet needs of membership.
Coordinate satellite seminar events.
Plan seminars (usually one per year).
Meet with committee members on third Thursday of each month or via email or conference calls.

CPSM / C.P.M. Committee (a subgroup working with the Education Committee): Tom Cole, C.P.M. - [email protected] or (616) 901-3788.
Work with C.P.M. Study Group instructors.
Reserve rooms for Study Group Sessions.
Maintain database of members working on their C.P.M. certification.
Maintain communication with members who have questions regarding certification.

Membership Committee: 

Greeting and soliciting new members.
Put together "Potential New Member" packets and send them to people who request information about ISM-GGR.
Provide member information at professional development meetings.
Organize volunteers for the MDA Labor Day Telethon.
Conduct New Member orientation.
Conduct membership survey bi-annually.
Publish membership directory bi-annually.

Marketing Committee: 
Bring our affiliate to the forefront of local businesses.
Work to inform local companies and service organizations of the benefits of membership in ISM-GGR.
Work to inform other committee members to fulfill the strategy of the ISM-GGR marketing plan.
Conduct presentations to classes at local universities.
Investigate partnership availability with local organizations for seminars or programs.