By-Laws Changes

Approved April, 2008

The following ISM-GGR By-Laws changes were approved by a vote of the general membership at the April 8, 2008 professional development meeting.  The changes pertained to the following areas. For the specific changes click here

Updating entire by-laws to reflect the affiliate's name change. 

Updating Article III, Section 3 (Suspension or Termination of Affilate) to reflect the disolution of ISM's Affiliate Support Council using language suggested by ISM.
Update the following sections of Article IV so that our by-laws match ISM current procedures using language recommended by ISM.

       Section 1 Regular Members
       Section 4 Denial of Membership
       Section 5 Expulsion of Member
       Section 6 Reinstatement     
       Section 8 Transfer of Membership              

Update Article VI, Section 2 (Dues) to reflect that we invoice for dues in May instead of April.

Replace terms "purchasing and materials management" with "supply managment" to update language regarding the profession in Article II, Sections 2-9; and Article V, Section 1.